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You’ve never been married so you didn’t get your own bachelor party, but let’s look ahead! The year is 2018: America is thriving under President Nick Cannon and tomorrow Chris Traeger’s getting married. Who’s the lucky lady? Maybe she’s an upbeat gal who’s nuts about fitness. Maybe she owns a juice bar in Snerling.

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Tell the young, tell the poor, tell the aged, tell the ignorant, tell the sick, tell the dying — tell them all about Christ. Tell them of His power, and tell them of His love; tell them of His doings, and tell them of His feelings; tell them what He has done for the chief of sinners; tell them what He is willing to do until the last day of time; tell it to them over and over again. Never be tired of speaking of Christ. Say to them broadly and fully, freely and unconditionally, unreservedly and undoubtingly, ‘Come unto Christ, as the penitent thief did; come unto Christ, and you shall be saved.’

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